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From Banking, to Informational Security, to Accounting, to Outsourcing, the creators of IAC-EZ have vast experience in a variety of industries, ensuring that the program works, and works well.
At IAC-EZ, we believe self-employed individuals and small business owners should be able to manage their own books to stay in better control of their business without having to struggle, spend money or learn complex skills.

That's why we built IAC-EZ. It's the first innovative accounting application of its kind that empowers business owners and allows regular people to manage their books without needing an accountant.

IAC-EZ was designed to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) so it can be used by entrepreneurs in any country, anywhere in the world.

Create Your Free Account About IAC-EZ

IAC-EZ is a do-it-yourself bookkeeping software service offered by Making Saas Easy Corp., a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to develop applications that worked the way they needed them to.

After years of using multiple programs and applications to jointly do the job that one could have done, the group produced IAC-EZ, their flagship software service. The software was put through rigorous testing to make sure it was usable in their working environment as small business owners.

Who We Are

IAC-EZ is a do-it-yourself bookkeeping service offered by IAC Professionals. IAC Professionals supports businesses through its services: accounting and bookkeeping, virtual assistance services, and transcription. For years, businesses have trusted IAC Professionals to help them operate smoothly. But not all businesses want to hire a bookkeeper. Some business owners or managers prefer to manage the books themselves but simply need an easy-to-use, robust service that gives them the reports and insight they need. That’s where IAC-EZ comes in. IAC-EZ, just like IAC Professionals, is all about taking care of the details so that business owners can focus on running their businesses.

IAC-EZ: Your Solution
The Team

Scott Myers, CEO Scott believes that software can make life EZ. Scott is the CEO of Making Saas Easy Corporation, which owns IAC-EZ. Scott has extensive experience in security and networking solutions using web 2.0 technologies. In his work, as well as the lectures he frequently gives, he explores the integral relationship between technology and business to enhance performance and make business tasks more efficient.

Heather Villa, COO Heather's goal is to make IAC-EZ a functional and easy do-it-yourself business application while assuring every customer is given the service and help they desire. Heather holds MBA and MSM degrees, is a Certified Management Accountant, and is an Intuit QuickBooks™ Certified Pro Advisor. She trains others in bookkeeping and Intuit QuickBooks™, and she offers consulting services. Heather's focus is on one thing: Helping businesses run successfully.

Mike Gunderloy, Lead Developer Mike just makes it all work - the technology and the development team! Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Science and Technology studies. He is the author or co-author of over 50 books and currently operates a computer consultancy focused exclusively on Ruby on Rails. His technical skills help to make IAC-EZ possible.

Jacob Tjoernholm, Developer Jacob's mantra is “Simplify whenever possible.” Which, of course, is what we're all about, creating solutions that are easy to use. With over 10 years of experience in software development and consulting, Jacob is an integral part of our development team.

Dana Jones, Developer Dana makes sure that the numbers crunch and that Mr. Networth is doing his job in the IAC-EZ application. Dana brings a fresh combination of technical expertise and design skill to her projects. She has over 10 years of experience in software development and works primarily in Ruby on Rails.

Mike Breen, Developer Mike B. (we love Mikes!) works hard to find a way to say 'Yes' to every user feature request. Mike has been developing software for the past 10 years and is a contributor to the Rails community.

Russell Norris, Web Developer Russell works in a variety of languages but focuses most of his professional work in Ruby on Rails. He is an author and a creator of a multitude of Ruby plug-ins.

Thomas Molina, Customer Service/Social Media Thomas Molina is IACEZ's Customer Relations Manager. He is the friendly handshake at the front door of our business. Thomas enjoys getting to know our users. He is a creative problem solver who often amazes us with his resourcefulness.

Russell Bonchu, Partner Relationships Russell has a natural ability to recognize the needs and priorities of the people he works with. He puts this talent together with his drive for excellence to help our partners achieve their goals.