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The Secret Behind IAC-EZ

Curious to know how IAC-EZ functions so seamlessly to make your bookkeeping “EZ”? Wonder what happens after you input your data?

Mr. Networth Our secret is a little bookkeeping wizard named Mr. Networth.

Merlin wouldn’t know one end of a calculator from the other. Gandalf couldn’t decode a balance sheet. But Mr. Networth is a bookkeeping uber-genius whose wizardry with numbers has earned him the title “the magician of math”.

A graduate of IAC University, Mr. Networth has devoted his life to making bookkeeping easy for everyone. He can crunch numbers with lightning speed. He handles invoicing, and bill payments with the greatest of ease. He leaps over accounting systems in a single bound. He produces flawless financial statements with the wave of his wand.

Don’t be fooled by his age! Although he jokes that he was doing double-column accounting before there was a name for it, he’s spry and lively! After you’ve input your data and while you return your attention to your business, Mr. Networth rolls up the sleeves of his wizard’s robe, adjusts his glasses, and gets to work. He gazes mysteriously into his calculator and in less time than it would take you to say “Abracadabra”, he has looked at your numbers, put them in the right places, and calculated them with jaw-dropping accuracy.

You can’t see Mr. Networth because he works tirelessly behind the scenes. In fact, you’ll know that he’s working when you sign in to your account and notice your recent entries are integrated into your statements!

In his spare time, Mr. Networth enjoys watching Jeopardy and solving Sudoku puzzles. He collects antique abacuses (although he would say “abaci”) and is a Texas Hold’em champion. He also has two goldfish, FIFO and LIFO.