Privacy Policy

We have a simple privacy policy:

We treat your information in the same we would want our own sensitive information treated: IAC-EZ will never sell or give away your information.


So, what information do we collect from you and how do we use it?

Your personal information: Of course, we collect the information that we need for you to sign up. This information is kept secure and private. We use it when you have questions about your account or require troubleshooting on service issues. We use it to study who our customers are so that we can improve our services.

Emails: Occasionally, we'll use your email address to contact you with relevant information from IAC-EZ. The email will contain your name and account number, which will verify that the email is from us. (Please white list the IAC-EZ domain by adding the following to your approved recipients list: *

Third party use of your information: We use, a third party payment processing company who collects your payment information (including credit card number) to process payment.

Site usage: We use cookies during the sign-up process to ensure a seamless experience. We also aggregate basic (anonymous) usage data from all of our visitors to constantly improve our website and offerings.

Bottom line: Most importantly, you'll want to know what we do with the financial data you input into IAC-EZ's spreadsheets. Nothing. We don't do anything with it.

How we secure your information: IAC-EZ is authenticated with a COMODO Enterprise SSL Wildcard Certificate that uses 128/256 bit encryption and which works with most browsers to offer you the assurance that your data is secure.

For more information: See our Terms of Service.