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“IAC-EZ is rightly named with the “EZ” as that’s what it is. I feel confident that I chose it to handle my own bookkeeping. It integrates with my chosen invoicing system with the promise of other integrations in the future. It also eases the surprise come tax time as it also keeps track of taxes, including sales tax owed. I don’t need a full accounting system that I’m tired of fighting, but something that is simple to operate and understand.”

"I run a small but busy and successful writing and editing business, Writing It Right For You, with clients in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Because my business is so small (me & my husband + vendors and contractors!), IAC-EZ is a perfect fit. It is so easy to use and to understand, and the tight and seamless integration with FreshBooks invoicing app is excellent. All of my contacts, invoices, estimates, and expenses are in FreshBooks, and are brought into IAC-EZ in the background 24/7.

I only have to input information once and everything is integrated, recorded, and ready to be viewed and/or exported to Excel. I have an estimate of taxes owed and a running report of my profit and loss statement according to Schedule C. Because this is a blissfully unbloated Web 2.0 app, my VA can work remotely on my accounts when necessary; and I can check on things wherever there is internet access and on my BlackBerry Bold and iPhone at dinner when my husband's not watching!

In this economy, there will be lots of very small SOHO businesses started by Baby Boomers such as myself. Equally important, since I'm also the "IT guy", the support from IAC-EZ is superb and timely. I love it when the software just works, and believe me, I've probably tried them all!

I highly recommend IAC-EZ to all small business owners who have neither the need nor the staff for big, unwieldy accounting packages. I cannot thank you enough for IAC-EZ! I hope I wasn't too verbose in my praise; but I am a writer!"

"With previous bookkeeping solutions, such as Quickbooks, I was reluctant to keep up-to-date records and would put things off to the last minute. But with IAC-EZ, not only is keeping up with the books easy, but it's FUN. I cannot believe that I'm saying that bookkeeping / accounting software is actually fun to use, but it truly is. Within a matter of hours, I've already imported three months of expenses with ease, and all my customers and invoices were imported from FreshBooks automatically. IAC-EZ is really Bookkeeping MAGIC in the making. Great job folks!"

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