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An interface that makes sense

You don't have to have advanced bookkeeping education! Our interface makes sense and is easy to use. Need to pay bills? Click "Pay bill". Want to check out your profit last month? Click "P&L Report". Entries, invoices, bills, contacts, reports, and more. It just makes sense.

Outgoing entriesArrow_right

No surprise; this is money going out through bills and payables. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Fill in a few details; IAC-EZ automatically takes care of the rest. You'll see them show up in the right palces on the right reports. (PS, try to reduce your outgoing entries for higher profit.)

Incoming entries

This is money coming in through invoices and receivables. Hopefully there's lots of incoming money! It's simple to indicate what the money is for and who's paying. A couple of clicks and your revenue is recorded and automatically pushed to the right reports.

Customizable set-up

Choose account-based bookkeeping (a more traditional approach) or choose transaction-based bookkeeping (not as well known but way easier for small businesses). If you're not sure which to choose, our helpful team can suggest something.


Input like the wind

You won't believe how easy it is to add new entries like incoming and outgoing entries, asset and liability entries, trip entries, and transfer entries. Every kind of entry you need for your business is input in just a few lines of data... and you're done!


We're connected

We partner with industry leaders like Shoeboxed, SurePayroll, and FreshBooks, so you can quickly sync your IAC-EZ account with your other accounts for speedy importing and exporting of information.

Drive a lot?Arrow_left

Who knows what deductions actually apply?!? Don't sweat those details; IAC-EZ can figure it out for you. Just enter your miles driven and whether it was personal, business, or some other reason and leave the rest to us. Even enter it from your mobile phone (Just pull over to the site of the road first)!

Bulk importing

Behind in your bookkeeping? Catch-up in minutes by uploading CSV files for your entries, contacts, or mileage. Our intuitive upload interface makes uploading data to the right places blisteringly fast!